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Sambal Cendawan is best to eat with newly cook rice. You can taste the sweetness together with the spiciness of this sambal both at the same time.Keep refrigerated once opened. ..
Ex Tax:RM7.50
You can feel like you are in Korea just with one dip of this sambal K-POP. This sambal imparts a distinct aroma and rich flavour you can crave for, complement to any meal or snack. It is the blended of hot sweetness and abundance use of herbs and spices, it's all natural. Keep refrigerated once..
Ex Tax:RM8.00
Sambal Momie possible in bringing flavour in your life will be endless. You can taste mom's love when eating this sambal. This sambal can also be cooked to make another dish, fried rice and many more. You can also dipped spring rolls, chicken, ulam in this sambal. Keep refrigerated once opened...
Ex Tax:RM7.00
This crunchy sambal comes with a distinct aroma and rich flavour that will make you crave for it all the time. It is full with the crunchy prawn and you can taste the sweetness of it in this sambal. It is the best sambal for Seafood and Prawn Lovers. Keep refrigerated once opened...
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Sambal Wangi comes with the good smell that will make you hungry and desperately want to taste it when you smell this sambal. Once you taste this sambal, you will feel to repeat it again again. Keep refrigerated once opened. ..
Ex Tax:RM6.00
Lekor Sauce is a fragrant sweet chili sauce that is perfect for chicken dipping, fish cake, spring rolls, fishballs and all types of frozen foods.Best of all, it is very mildly spicy and can be enjoyed by everyone at home. You must try this sambal if you want to feel like you are in Terengganu...
Ex Tax:RM6.00
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